Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Bites #9-Holy Trennety

I wish I weren’t like this. But I am.

I usually go to a restaurant with my choice already made. I listen politely to specials, listen anxiously to the options they have run out of, and listen detachedly to what the server suggests as their favorite.
And then I read every single line of the menu, and choose the dish I’ve been lusting after while licking the online menu for the past several days.

But the first time I went to Bottega Louie, the menu was a Ouija board. It was a last minute decision to go there, and a complete dart-throw of a choice when I said: “Trenne,” listed as pasta with braised rib-eye and kale.

What landed in front of me, under the scrutiny of several hearty jousts of my fork tines, appeared to be: fried pasta. Before you get yourself all in a froth to the tune of“Dammit, must we fry EVERYTHING?!” hear me out.

Trenne is a hollow tube with open ends, just like penne. BUT! It is triangular, with 3 flat sides of starchy surface, and each side a tri-state area of its own. So here’s the geological breakdown. (Remember, this is for each individual salty little tube. So a whole plate of little universes to explore.)

OUTSIDE: crispy.

MIDDLE: al dente

INSIDE: soft, having been relaxed by the absorption of the earthy braise broth of the near-shredded meat.

This is a dish with a trinity of balanced components, and all 3 are important. But, the ultimate reason it must be consumed, not just considered, is the pasta. We will all make pasta, eat pasta, and be served pasta, a thousand times in one lifetime. It is a bit of a foregone conclusion, an impact already made, a culinary backbencher. But this single plate of food will remind you how spectacular pasta can be, when texture is nailed.

And as it turns out, it is not indeed fried. I asked. I was that person.

It is “seared in an extremely hot pan until crisp.”


Bottega Louie
700 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, 90017

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