Monday, July 30, 2012

The First Rule of Bite Club

I’ve been on the food truck beat for 2 years now, and it has proven to be an amazing and constantly surprising adventure. Like The Wiz, or the Ralph's in North Hollywood.

But at heart I am an intense lover of food, almost all food. Eating it, writing about it, and talking about it tend to fill a hefty portion of my daylight hours. I don't always eat standing up, and I wanted to share with you some of the best things I have eaten in LA while sitting in a chair, perhaps beneath a gust of frosty air conditioning, with real utensils.

I have made a list. The lovely freedom here is that this is my list. It is my Ten Best Bites in Los Angeles, and it is completely subjective. Things both dramatic and quotidian have captured my heart. No effort has been made to cast a wide net of locations, or to make sure a diverse or trendy set of neighborhoods is represented. I have not eaten absolutely everywhere in L.A., and I may never get to. But I eat. Trust me. I EAT.

And if you ever need a restaurant recommendation anywhere in the country, hit me up. I keep a little black book for just such an occasion. This is simply a list of the bites that make me value living and eating in L.A., the bites I want again and again, despite my addiction to trying new places.

The one egalitarian effort I did make however was to try to include only things that you, too, can have. It's insanely frustrating to be told how mind-blowing something is, and how you absolutely-must-have-it-RIGHT-NOW, the whole time knowing you'll wait 3 months just for a reservation. Or to read about something that was a temporary special once, or a dish that was lovingly and expertly crafted at a restaurant that is now closed.

I love reading food based lists because I treat it like a To-Do list,and I wanted you to be able to as well. So here goes. One at a time, you guys. One at a time. Get in a countdown mood.

And if you get very homesick for a food truck adventure, they are all listed to the right of this and each subsequent post. New ones will follow, as soon as the last of my 10 Best Bites has been listed. And we can Get Right Back To Where We Started From.
Oh! And of course the first rule of Bite Club? Tell everyone you know about Bite Club. :)

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