Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Bites #10-Sucker Punch

There is almost always an easier way to do something than the way I have chosen. When my vacuum cleaner was sucking only figuratively, and not literally, in an act of home appliance pouty-ness somehow the attachments seemed to still be working just fine. Which boils down shockingly quickly to me vacuuming my entire apartment with a one inch wide nozzle. It looked less like a simple tidying up, more like crime-scene clean-up. One which left behind the appearance of striped carpeting, and a souvenir of low back pain.

One recurring circumstance that I deal with consistently inappropriately is something I refer to as the SweetSaltyCycle of Death. And like many pernicious downward spirals, sometimes it starts with a pretzel.

Then I need something sweet to soften the salty kick. So, maybe a few chocolate chips. Sweet, check. Need salty again. Crackers, good. Don’t I have some mini Mounds bars from Easter around here somewhere? Good, now those are gone and can stop haunting me from the need-a-chair-to-reach cabinet. Do I have a baked ham in my fridge? Have I ever had a baked ham in my fridge? That’s ok-these 8 single serving bags of salt and vinegar potato chips eaten in rapid succession will do the trick nicely.

And so it goes until I wake up someplace I don’t recognize, trying to blink out my autobiography and drinking hand soap.

Until now. There is a magical place on Tujunga in Studio City which houses a petite wizardess who makes gourmet popsicles. And this wizardess has devised an antibody for me, which keeps the SaltySweetCycle of Death at bay.

The Butterscotch Cream with Fritos is a popsicle that is a form of salvation, really. The creamy golden pop is already a winner because of the depth and warmth of butterscotch flavor- everything you love about caramelly hard candy and pudding, semi-frozen into a chewable chunk of stick-bound summer.  And then it is dipped in Fritos. Taken all in one bite, this popsicle is first a salty crunch, then a sweet cold melt.

Also, the magical place is called Suck It. So, yeah. It’s a rad place for lots of reasons...Go today. Tomorrow at the latest.

Also, there are tons of gluten-free and vegan options as well. But I just eat whatever I want, so as not to mess with my all-gluten, non-vegan diet. ;)

Suck It Sweets
4361 1/2 Tujunga Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

And if you're wondering why this isn't about a food truck, you need to see this chick:

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