Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Midnight In The Garden Of Food And Evil

Where have I BEEN?! This post shall reveal all!

It's been a while since you've gotten a food truck review from me (and honestly, what am I thinking, that's my job forgodssake!) And I know you are all waiting soooo patiently to see what my #1 Bite of Bite Club is (especially since #3 was such a shocker.)

But the truth is I have been exploring the gothic, gorgeous, humid, historic, scrumptious South. I took a good-old-fashioned American Road Trip, and it landed me in the lush Southeastern U.S. In my travels, I had pistachio pizza in Phoenix, Kolaches in Kerrville Texas (see, I even eat alliteratively. WTEFF?!) and lots more in between.

A flat tire in Louisiana on the first day the roads opened into New Orleans post-Isaac kept me from the World's Largest Gummy Bear that a technicolor freeway billboard had promised. I'll have to hit it on the way back...

And now I am here:

Yep. I live in this tree.

Ha! No, not really. But if you did decide to live in a tree, this tree would make a pretty dreamy candidate, wouldn't it? It's such a positively dramatic tree. And it has a friend, in front of the beautiful Savannah Public Library.

This library achieves something that many modern libraries fail to. It says "Come hang out with me for hours and hours on a rainy day, after you eat a lavender shortbread cookie sandwich, and before you eat a banana because you feel bad about the aforementioned shortbread cookie sandwich."

I know. Kind of a loquacious library, really. But that's what I did. Today. This library is stellar at self-marketing.

And the bakery where the oft-mentioned shortbread cookie sandwich was purchased and dispatched to my stomach, had this clever thing inside, which made me feel a sudden tenderhearted-ness towards the surly "Pinterest." For it was, upon inspection, so delightfully "pinnable."

I know it has not missed your attention that I have not mentioned a single bite of food yet. My plan surfaces!!!

I had a fantastic dinner the other night with a gentleman and his lady in Charleston. He is a food blogger, and she his muse. They are lovely people to spend an evening with, and I will be forcing myself into their plans as long as I am in this region. (But there, I gave them a head's up so now it's completely ok and not weird at all.)

They love amazing food just as I do, and to read about the night's capers (adventures, not briny berries) you will have to stop in and see him, and I promise he'll tell you every delicious detail.

He lives here: http://www.foodmancingthegirl.com/

Ok, Ok. Here's a little something.

This burger came with a fried egg...and a death wish.

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