Friday, May 10, 2013

"FROST IT" (to the tune of Bust A Move)

Guys, I am over cupcakes. My frustration with their omnipresence has manifested itself here-in this poem I have written, which is meant to be read/sung to the music of Bust A Move. I have included a link to the Young MC video, to encourage singing along. This one's for you.

This here's a tale for all the bakeries:
Way over cupcakes,
Please don't make these

Five years ago they ruled the zeitgeist
Too sweet, Too small
WAY Overpriced

See a cupcake,
Get a headache.
Everywhere, it's like it's all you can make

Creme Brulee
You wish you could crack it
But you didn't think ahead to bring one in your jacket.

Every function, birthday juction
Cupcakes there?
I think I'll skip that luncheon

Brownies come out
I'm all over that
Get cake and doughnuts in my face stat

Not allowed in my mouth or kitchen

Do whoopie pies ever ocurred to you?
Macaroons, I would prefer to chew

Yoooo frost it
They bought it
Yoooo frost it
Baby they bought it.



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  1. Um. You are hilarious. I'm dying over your posts. Who are you??? I love it.